Lemongrass – Medium Bath Bomb


Relax in a hot bath with this Lemongrass bath bomb. Lemongrass is a great healer, it can help heal frozen shoulder, strain muscles, Tissue Repair it can help relieve pain from carpal tunnel and so much more. Teatree is the same as Melaleluca, it’s a natural sanitizer along with killing bacterial infections. Lavender helps relax the muscles and also is a great natural sanitizer, helps with inflammation and there is a list of healing powers. I hope you will enjoy this bath bomb and it helps with your muscle aches.

Ingredients include cornstarch, baking soda, epsom salt, coconut oil and the essential oils I used in this Lemongrass, Teatree, and Lavender. Mica powdered soap dye.

This is not recommended for children of ages 6 and under. Essential oils can be too strong for the little ones so use with care. The essential oils can be diffused in the air just not right next to them.

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